Expert Monitoring

Integrated Building Control and Automation Systems

automation station_DK_2.jpgEMCOR Services Integrated Solutions can monitor the detailed functions of hundreds of buildings and their respective control and automation systems.  

For example, if a client has a problem with an air-handler fan on a distant rooftop, ESIS computers can often immediately spot it and alert the appropriate engineers and technicians. Those experts can then investigate more thoroughly by viewing functioning fans, valves, or entire building-automation systems (BAS) via animated 3-D graphics or Internet imagery.

Additionally, ESIS technicians can often correct a problem from an ESIS location. However, if problem resolution needs to be handled on site, ESIS can dispatch trained technicians armed with knowledge, tools, and parts directly to the client’s location to help with faster, more efficient problem solving.

Furthermore, a client’s own building technicians can also access their building and HVAC control system to make adjustments as necessary, and as needed, but only to the extent building management wishes. Each higher level of access is password-protected.